From the classroom, for the classroom

  1. Utilize student helpers for classroom tasks such as sharpening pencils and sorting papers
  2. Organize student supplies with baskets or chair pouches
  3. Use apps like ClassDojo or Seesaw to communicate with parents in a more efficient and accessible way
  4. Prepare for the next week’s assignments, papers, and materials on Thursday to save time in the morning
  5. Assign numbers to students for easy and reusable labeling of bins, cubbies, etc without writing names.
  6. Use Edulastic for efficient grading and alignment with standards.
  7. Provide daily learning and behavior objectives.
  8. Emphasize organization and assign classroom roles.
  9. Collaborate with other teachers
  10. Implement easy supply access, unit planning, and project playlists.
  11. Clearly explain procedures, expectations and use rubrics from day one and share joys and frustration with colleagues.
  12. Prioritize progress towards mastery over grading homework, use class strategies for sharing work and learning together.
  13. Reuse materials by laminating them.
  14. Practice self-care, be flexible and learn to say “no”.
  15. Use lesson plan templates and create a sub binder.
  16. Prioritize tasks, focus on important and necessary tasks.