Classroom Grants

Rise Up periodically accepts grant requests for literacy related projects in the classroom. Be sure to sign up for Alane’s newsletter to be the first to know when grant applications will open this year.


Alanezing Acts of Kindness

We are excited to announce that the second annual Alanezing Acts of Kindness teacher nomination form is now open! We invite you to nominate fellow teachers for the things they need, big or small. Our goal is to highlight and support all educators who are making a difference in their schools and communities. Whether it’s a colleague who always provides a listening ear or a mentor who consistently goes the extra mile, we want to hear about it and support them in any way we can.


Second Annual $50,000 Match to First Book

Rise Up is proud to continue its partnership with First Book, an organization that provides access to new books, educational resources, and other essentials to children in need. Recently, Rise Up made a significant donation to First Book, and committed to matching up to 50,000 dollars in donations from others to support the organization’s mission.

2022 Count on Me Grant Challenge

Rise Up’s Count on Me Challenge was designed to encourage students to take an active role in their education and express how books are there for them. Through the program, Rise Up has awarded 19,000 dollars in grants to deserving schools to support their educational needs. These grants have helped to provide students with access to new books, educational resources, and other essentials that are vital to their learning and development. Watch the winning video:

#ClearTheList – 500 Teacher Lists Shopped

In September, Rise Up shopped 500 teacher wishlists as a part of our ongoing commitment to support educators and their classrooms. We believe in the power of the #ClearTheList movement and its ability to provide school teachers with the resources they need for their classrooms. Check back with us in September for a change to get your list cleared!

2021 A Million Dreams Grant Challenge

Rise Up’s A Million Dreams Grant Challenge awarded 25,000 dollars in grants to schools to provide students with access to new books for their classroom and libraries. The challenge encouraged students to explore the ways in which books help their dreams come true. Watch the winning video: