Phew! We managed to comb through all of your grant requests almost 100 of them. We are so PROUD of the work you all are doing in our schools and so excited we can be part of a READING MOVEMENT to get kids more excited about reading. We have a list of approved Grant Finalists HERE. If your name is not on it, we apologize that for whatever reason we weren’t able to fulfill your request this year, but hope another opportunity arises in the future. For those of you who see your name, congratulations on making it this far! We’re almost to the finish line.

Next Steps: We need your information to verify you are who you say you are. That means sending an e-mail from your school e-mail account to with the following information:

Full Name
Name of School
School Address

Copy and Paste your facebook grant post so we can easily match and track.

Once we have all your information, we will compile and make our final decisions on awards and notify you on October 31st of the grant you received and the process of obtaining your requested items. We hope to have all grants fulfilled by the end of November.

Again, we salute the hard work and excitement you have for bringing literacy resources into the classroom.

The Rise Up Team