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We selectively work to improve the lives of children in developing countries through support of microfinance and other initiatives.

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Solar Powered Radio Station in Mfgano Island, Kenya

Rise Up has partnered with Microclinic International since 2011 to fund a solar-powered, youth-run radio station on Mfangano Island in Kenya that provides information for young people to help stop the transmission of HIV/AIDS. The Ekialo Kiona Youth-Driven Community Radio Program (EKR) has a mission to improve HIV/AIDS literacy, attitudes and behaviors among thousands of orphan and at-risk young people along the shores of Lake Victoria, Suba District, Kenya. The Rise Up Foundation has helped fund and support the work of influencing social networks of young people, empowering orphans and at-risk youth to share their voices and cement a sense of solidarity across Lake Victoria.

MCE Social CapitalMicroCredit Enterprises Social Capital Guarantor


Rise up is pleased to be part of the MCE Social Capital program helping power its innovative Guarantor model. With a special commitment to empowering women, MCE Social Capital (MCE) makes loans to organizations helping people living in poverty improve their lives. Rise Up has been a guarantor of the funding pool since 2009.



Rise Up is proud to be a continuing member of the Audrey Hepburn Society helping to fund projects directly impacting children around the globe. Rise Up recognizes that UNICEF does everything in its power to “make the world better for children.” Wendy was previously a board member on the U.S. Fund for UNICEF which supports UNICEF’s work, and other efforts in support of the world’s children, through fundraising, advocacy and education in the United States. Wendy had the privilege of attending several field visits with UNICEF to witness first-hand the powerful life-saving programs UNICEF offers.

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